The Digital & Knowledge Economy

Emerging Tech for Peace

The world is witnessing the co-evolution of two major phenomena – digitization and green transitions – both profoundly setting the pace and direction for 21st-century human progress. This reflects a double imperative. On the one hand, the clock is ticking for countries to reach their Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. On the other, countries are convinced that their future economic competitiveness will depend upon how quickly they transition to digital societies (UNESCO, 2021). The transition to digital and ‘green, blue, and orange’’ societies requires the development of a general awareness of emerging tech, data and their connection to sustainable development.

Knowledge is power, but only when its founded on data that speaks ground realities.

Data gaps in health, environment, transport and grass-root communities and rural economy, all indicate the need for basic awareness of data gaps and its connection to sustainable development. Our goal is to enable youth-led initiatives to be active participants in voicing their everyday realities through reliable, accurate and representative data.

Analyze the world of emerging tech and all things digital to tackle our problems.

Hydrometric data from rain gauges improving climate resilience.

Check out what our partners in Cat Island, The Bahamas are up to as they take action to fill data gaps for climate resilience. Meet the Royal Rain Catchers, a project run by the Young Marine Explorers in the The Bahamas.

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Data4Development: how do we shape tech policies that work for us?

Imagine the level of shocking accuracy of how social media algorithms predict your ‘new friend’. Now imagine taking that level of precision to real-world human deployment needs.

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Artificial Intelligence for the Green, Blue and Good!

What is the future of ethical AI? How do we get more people to be interested in the practical application of #AIFforGood? Check out our AI Green Lab webinar series hosted by the Young Marine Explorers (YME) Bahamas, in partnership with UNESCO National Commission for The Bahamas.

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